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Dan is, himself, a product of Tracy Unified School District, from the West High School Class of 2007. Unfortunately, Dan's academic pursuits included experiences of active discouragement from pursuing higher education and being told that, because he came from a poverty-stricken family, he was being "unrealistic" about his academic goals. Dan absolutely REFUSED to succumb to those comments, and he went on to earn his Juris Doctor from USC. After becoming an attorney and returning to the Central Valley, Dan has become a role model for countless students and he is a frequent speaker at schools throughout the county. Dan's story speaks volumes about the caliber of students that come from Tracy Unified School District. Just as he refused to give up when faced with challenges in his own life, Dan will REFUSE to give up on other students from Tracy!


As School Board Trustee, Dan will focus on the following issues:


  • Providing faculty and administrative training for proper communication with regard to student goals & success

  • Addressing issues related to educational equity and utilizing the T.U.S.D. Diversity & Equity Committee as a forum for students and families to communicate their concerns

  • Enhancing relationships with the City of Tracy and local community groups to provide students with as many resources as possible so that students can also become Tracy success stories!



Educational attainment in the Central Valley continues to fall behind the rest of California and it is time that students receive the support necessary to succeed in today's modern world. In 2012, while 30.5% of people in California had earned a Bachelor's Degree or higher, only 17.5% of people in San Joaquin County had earned the equivalent. These rates are simply unacceptable. As one of those students who was told that he "would never get accepted to college," Dan is incredibly passionate about providing educational support for underserved students in our community. Having been raised in a low-income family, Dan knows that education is the most effective way to ensure success in one's future. He will fight fervently to support student success in Tracy and increase the rates of higher education for local students.


As School Board Trustee, Dan will focus on the following issues:


  • Focus on increasing the rate of student acceptance to four-year universities

  • Establish district-wide center for distributing information regarding scholarships to high school students

  • Increase awareness of the benefits of higher education at the elementary and middle school levels

  • Encourage partnerships with community groups and non-profit organizations to provide direct educational services to students

  • Work with local and state public officials towards making a CSU Stockton campus a reality for our community



As Deputy District Attorney of San Joaquin County, Dan advocates for justice in our community each and every day. Having experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, Dan has the unique perspective of both passionately defending the safety of our community by holding those who commit crimes accountable for their crimes and also ensuring that the constitutional rights of those charged with crimes are upheld by advocating on their behalf in court.


As School Board Trustee, Dan will focus on the following issues:


  • Ensuring that the rights of all students are upheld by making certain that students, staff, and faculty receive adequate training 

  • Expanding student access to resources to prevent child abuse, unhealthy relationships, human trafficking, and other issues that put students at risk in our community

  • Working with local law enforcement officials to make sure they have the tools necessary to protect our students

  • Encouraging the role of community-based organizations to provide services to at-risk youth in Tracy



As a recent college and law school graduate, Dan knows that college and vocational preparation is necessary to ensure successful outcomes for our students. As Youth Advisory Commissioner for the City of Tracy, Dan has made it a priority to develop educational guides for our students to have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding college and vocational preparation.


As School Board Trustee, Dan will focus on the following issues:


  • Providing students with accurate and up-to-date information on college and vocational preparation

  • Collaborating with high school career centers to make this information accessible to students and families

  • Enhancing community partnerships, like the "Hire Me First" program with the Tracy Chamber of Commerce, to provide as many opportunities as possible for our students

  • Encouraging schools to develop on-site agricultural centers and community gardens in partnership with local farmers and agricultural organizations to ensure that students are familiar with our local agricultural sector

  • Working with local labor groups and businesses to offer student apprenticeships for Tracy students to learn and gain experience in a diverse array of vocations in the community



Dan knows that a huge part of student success depends upon strong and supported employees. As the grandson of a life-long labor union member, Dan understands and respects the role of unions and labor in the workplace. Having himself worked as a janitor and housecleaner while a teenager to support himself and his family, Dan knows first-hand how important it is to support employees, who then in turn will support our students! Moreover, having grown up with limited resources and without health insurance, Dan knows that access to healthcare and other benefits is VITAL to the well being of our employees and their families. Supporting our students means also supporting our employees!


As School Board Trustee, Dan will focus on the following issues:


  • Making himself available to listen to the concerns of school district employees

  • Providing opportunities for employees to voice their opinions on issues that may affect them, their families, and their livelihoods

  • Securing healthcare, retirement, and other benefits for T.U.S.D. employees

  • Ensuring that all employees know their legal rights in the work place



In the 21st-century, it is necessary that our schools embrace and utilize the opportunities available through modern technology to engage parents and community members. Dan knows that it is only through partnerships with parents and the community that Tracy Unified School District can continue moving forward and ensure that our students are prepared to join the 21st-century workforce.  


As School Board Trustee, Dan will focus on the following issues:


  • Partnering with parents and families to support our students

  • Ensuring that the school district website is functional and accessible to all T.U.S.D. families

  • Enhancing family and community access to T.U.S.D. School Board meetings though modern technology, such as streaming live video feeds during meetings and ensuring that recordings of past meetings are available online

  • Offering regular "office hours" to ensure that Dan is available to communicate with families and community members on a regular basis.

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